Rice Flour Mill Machine

The grain wheat flour making milling machine for home can grind wheat, corn, sorghum, beans, rice, oats, buckwheat, herbs, pepper, hot pepper and other crops into powder.It's low speed grinding characteristics can maintain the molecular structure of flour without adding any additives.

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rice flour mill machine

the flour machine can process wheat, corn, rice , maize, beans, millet, oats,buckwheat, herb, tea ,sorghum, dry chilli/pepper

the advantage of flour stone mill is low rotating speed,only 19-25 rpm/min, so low temperature ,so the flour nutrition and taste such as protein, carotin, VB etc can be kept well . the flour will be more gluten and no need to add any additives.


the stand alone

This is semi-automatic, low-volume, and can be used in supermarkets, stores, and homes

automatic flour stone mill.jpg

Hank dragon type

This is a fully automatic mill used in the factory.

automatic flour stone mill (2).jpg

The wind suction

This is a fully automatic mill used in the factory


flour stonr mill.jpg




We use sand stone,this kind stone has suitable hardness,wearing resisting,no radiation,uniform particles,delicate texture and rich in silicon,calcium,zinc,iron oxide and other mineral


we use latest type  reducer and good quality,there are vertical reducer and horizontal reducer . all parts of machine materials which contact food are stainless steel The whole machine is covered with stainless steel



● Pictures of ground grain 

● For single machine grain grinding most need to grind 4-6 times

● the flour finess is 80-100mesh


They can be ground into powder by processing dried chillies, spices, etc


Now the popular matcha powder can be processed by our machine. The fineness is 80-100 mesh, which is even thinner than this requirement. We need to reserve the fineness screen in advance, but the output will become smaller

Our company is  professional supplier in tahini/peanut butter/grain flour stone mill 

we have been in stone mill business nearly 40 years,the earliest factory for stone mill and now we are the biggest stone mill factory in china.

we have flour factory, we use the stone mill to produce flour, so we can provide the technological guidance and welcome to my factory  to check.we have semi-automatic model, automatic model and production line, we can recommend you the suitable model according your requirement.




Are you attracted by our all-purpose flour mill?Some are used in the home, some are used in the supermarket and some are used in the factory. There are many things that can be processed

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