Wheat Flour Machine For Home

This mill is suitable for sesame seed butter , peanut butter , soybean butter , rice butter starch butter and some industrial butter , small volume, easy to move, simple operation low noise, high efficiency, refine butter

Product Details

wheat flour machine for home

Product DescriptionStone grinder is suitable for crushing materials in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

flour making machine stone mill

Product Application

Low-speed grinding, low-temperature processing, will not damage the nutrients in wheat, so the stone flour retains the maximum protein, gluten, carotene, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2, etc. The nutrients, especially the carotene and vitamin E in the stone flour are 18 times that of other flours.

Its low-speed grinding features maintain the molecular structure of the flour without any additives. When cooking noodles, the surface of the stone flour flour is light yellow, while other flour-containing soups with additives are white in color.

The stone mill flour retains the original flavor of wheat. The various pastas made with stone mill flour are soft, wheaty, and have higher nutritional value. They are truly natural and healthy foods!

wheat flour production machinery

Stone Mill Advantage

1,According to the grinding principle, the main characteristics are low speed, low temperature, and adopt the pulverizing technology with equal weight of skin core, so that the nutrients in the grinding of wheat can be retained completely.

2,In terms of color, stone flour appears naturally white and slightly yellow, without adding whitening agent.

3,In terms of taste, wheat has a strong flavor, good taste and strong taste.

4,Compared with the traditional stone mill, the grinding process of multiple stone grinding and core grading is      adopted, which is a great leap in China's flour technology.

automatic flour stone mill

Technical Information

Diameter of stone  (cm)Voltage(v)Power(kw)Capacity(kg|h)
automatic single model 90cm3803+0.75+0.75+1.560
automatic single model 100cm3805.5+0.75+0.75+1.575
flour production lineCustomized accoding to client requirement


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 flour stone mill factory

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flour making machine stone mill


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