Wheat Flour Mill Machine Commercial

​It can process wheat, corn, rice , maize, beans, millet, oats,buckwheat, herb, tea ,sorghum, dry chilli/pepper the advantage of flour stone mill is low rotating speed,only 19-25 rpm/min, so low temperature ,so the flour nutrition and taste such as protein, carotin, VB etc can be kept well . the flour will be more gluten and no need to add any additives. For the single model , the flour fineness is 80-100 mesh, if the production line , it can reach 120 mesh.

Product Details

Wheat flour mill machine commercial

Product description

wheat flour millwheat flour mill

Product parameter

stone diameter (cm)capacity(kg/h)

upper stone 


lower stone 


automatic single model 1007524223806
Flour production lineCustomized according to client requirement

Food display


Detailed description

grain grinder

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Our company services

Our company is located in Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province. It is a professional supplier of stone mills for the production of sesame paste, soy milk and flour. We have been engaged in the production of stone mills for more than 40 years. We are a group company operating multiple factories. We have long-term customers and Partners, our products have been well received by new and old customers. We will devote ourselves to serving every customer.

our company

our company

our company

our company

1.For a single machine, we will provide the appropriate model according to customer requirements. For automated stand-alone machines and production lines, our engineers will design the machine layout according to the customer’s workshop and product processing technology. 

2 .We will send engineers and technicians to the customer’s factory to install the machine, or provide remote video guidance. 

3.We can always provide machine parts.

4.We will respond to your inquiries and emails within 24 hours.

Packing and shipping

Different machines have different packaging. We support wooden box packaging. If large machines or production lines are used, they will be directly packed in containers for you. We will process and make the machine for you within 15 days after receiving the payment. We support sea transportation. If you need it, we can also deliver the machine to your agent in China.

packageSea freight

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