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Flour machine maintenance and repair

Aug 30, 2016

Flour machine testing the flour quality management is an important component of the instrument, will directly influence the normal progress of quality work. All inspection and laboratory equipment in the laboratory should establish the technical file. Corresponding to each instrument should have the corresponding work norms and procedures and simple troubleshooting. Account for all equipment, calibration (calibration) the periodic table and plan, and set up special management. Proper use and maintenance of all equipment and supplies. Maintenance and operation of specific points are as follows:

Routine maintenance and calibration maintenance factors that affect test results, such as temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, noise, erosion and other factors to pay close attention, kept under strict control, reduces the error. To ensure that all instruments work table fixed, flat, in line with the requirements. Instruments should be cleaned after use all flour machine and restore, in order to ensure smooth holding of the next experiment. Independent of the electrical equipment should be installed in line with rated power power switch, and the well grounded individual flour machine according to the manufacturer's instructions should be equipped with a power supply.

Instrumentation related personnel should learn the laws, regulations and management systems, all operators should obtain professional qualifications qualified or trained to instrument operation. For management of glass instrument, should be kept clean, dry and store. Glassware washing are important, should ensure that clean and bright without water. Glassware direct heating should be avoided in General, really need to be heated, asbestos network slow and uniform heating should be used to avoid damage to appliances, exploded, causing the accident. In glassware cock site should apply vaseline, and use a rubber band attached to a funnel neck, avoid sliding out. These can avoid flour mechanical wear and extend machine life.