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How to make delicious sesame paste bread rolls

Oct 05, 2018

Ingredients: flour 400g yeast powder 4g sesame paste 30g soy sauce 10ml salt 1g edible oil 10ml

How to make sesame rolls:

1. Put the yeast powder in a bowl, then pour the appropriate amount of water. The temperature of the water should not exceed 40 degrees. Stir well and leave it for about 10 minutes.


2. Pour the yeast water into the flour slowly, stirring while pouring, until there is no dry flour.


3, then knead the dough, and then use a plastic wrap to wake up for an hour or so.1538707940(1).png

4. Add about 10ml of oil to the sesame sauce and stir in one direction until it is even. Then add 1g of salt, 10ml of soy sauce, 15g of flour and stir it evenly. The flour is added to prevent the sesame paste from being too thin to prevent the sesame paste from flowing out when the flower roll is pinched.


5. Take the fermented dough out and knead it to a smooth surface.1538707977(1).png

6. Then pry the dough out.


7. Spread the sesame paste on the pastry. If the sesame sauce is too thin, be sure to add some flour, let the sesame paste dry, and do not flow any.


8. Roll up the pastry covered with sesame sauce.1538708035(1).png

9. Cut the rolled up cake into small doughs each about 20 grams.


10. Take two small doughs together and use a chopstick to press on the dough.1538708074(1).png

11. Pick up the dough, turn the two ends of the dough down, then pinch the bottom, and the flower roll will be pinched. After the other rolls are pinched, they can be steamed.


12. Pour cold water into the steamer, place the rolls one by one on the steaming grid, cover the lid and wake up for 15 minutes. After the proofing is over, use a large fire to boil the water, then turn it into a small fire and steam for 15 minutes. After steaming, put it in the pot for 3 to 5 minutes.


13, the flower roll after the pot, you can open it.


I hope that our gourmet recipes will help you and I wish you a happy life.