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Scientific use of flour-machine, having the right flour time

Aug 30, 2016

Fermentation in several ways, have different characteristics, depending on the varieties of pasta. Home made pasta commonly used method is using the old yeast dough, which uses an old yeast (also known as "old fat", "head", "Introduction") and flour compounded the production of flour into the dough, at a certain temperature, depending on dough filled with holes and dense, volume expansion, succeeded in their fermentation. There are three operational concept to master.

1. Control of the fermentation temperature, broke off into several small pieces and old dough mixing water and flour, with cold water in summer, spring and autumn, with 40C water, winter of 60~70cC hot transfer dough, cover with a damp cloth, and placed a warm place to ferment. If fewer old dough, you can add dough into a thick paste with warm water, foaming paste and flour into the dough to ferment. 27~30C is the best temperature, as long as they can keep this condition successfully in 2-3 hours to ferment the dough.

2. Master degree of fermentation, such as dough is not good, pasta made from hardened texture, color gray, eat sticky; if dough over, pasta made from surface cracking. Because of too much dough to hard bases, yellow dark color of the pastry, and will even produce a rancid smell. Normal fermentation of dough, commonly known as "fat", made of pastry soft and shiny white. How to tell if the dough is a moderate? Dough fermentation l~2 hours Hou, towards dough elastic had big, holes rarely, is need keep temperature, continues to fermentation; as dough surface split, elastic lost or had small, holes acres, sour is thick, is dough sent had has head, at can mix flour machine production of flour added water Hou, again rubbing and into mission, cover Shang wet cloth, placed a will, Tang a Tang, will can do pastry has; if dough elastic moderate, holes more and more uniform, has wine fragrance, description surface "sent" have right, at can on alkali using.