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Stone mill sesame sauce machine features

Aug 29, 2018

The electric stone grinding machine produced by our company is made up of two round stones that have been hammered up and down. Two of them are flat stone electric stone grindings carved by large stone blocks with a certain thickness, in two cylindrical shapes. The chiseling of the road, the so-called grinding teeth. The electric stone mill combines the ancient old-fashioned stone mill with the modern production. It uses electric power to push the stone mill and runs at a slower speed. It is only a modern type of stone grinding that drives the motor. It can grind sesame, peanut butter, wheat, flour and other crops. The electric stone grinding speed is slow and the crop products are finely greasy. The electric stone grinding products are made of multi-vitamins, etc., and the products are rich in various trace elements, the nutrients are extremely, and the taste is pure. It brings convenience to people in their lives.


The appearance of the sesame stone stone is closed with all stainless steel, so it is safe and hygienic to operate, and the stone grinding equipment has simple design and convenient operation. Generally, the long-term use is not easy to cause serious damage, and the noise during operation. It is also lower than other products and must be well maintained. While the sesame sauce stone mill is used in daily use, the skill of the operator and the careful maintenance of the equipment can affect the use effect and life of the equipment. The key point of whether to produce high-quality sesame paste is here. The machine has the following characteristics: 1. Multi-purpose: can process sesame, wheat, corn, sorghum, buckwheat, oats, soybeans, etc. 2. Low-speed grinding, low-temperature processing, low grinding temperature, will not damage the nutrients in wheat.

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Stone mill sesame sauce machine Finely sesame seeds. Place the sesame seeds that have been sautéed and sautéed on a stone mill for repeated grinding or grinding. When the sesame is ground to a thick paste slurry, check the fineness, and use the thumb and forefinger to open the slurry without leaving any residue. The finer the better. Then put the slurry in the basin and put it in a pot filled with boiling water and heat it with a simmer. Electric stone grinding sesame sauce machine Stir the pulp. After the abrasive operation, adding boiling water to stir, the oil in the slurry can be replaced. Must use more than 90 degrees of boiling water, the amount of water is generally about one-half of the weight of sesame, added in three or four times, gradually reduce the amount of water added, each time after adding water, stir. The bottom of the slurry gradually becomes honeycomb, and most of the oil floats out. Finally, add water to fix the slurry, the stirring speed is slowed down, and the oil is taken out after half an hour.


For more than 20 years, we have always insisted on chiseling with traditional craftsmanship. It is strictly hand-made according to the angle and size of traditional chert grinding. Its stone grinding teeth are neat and tidy, the lines are clear and sharp, and the service life is even more Long, more durable, faster, better, and better when grinding raw materials. More than 30 kinds of sesame oil processing equipment and green environmentally friendly stone mill flour machine series have been developed, which has filled a gap in the national green food processing, changed the traditional way of thousands of years, and made the traditional process mechanized and automated. With its unique production process, it overcomes the shortcomings of traditional stone mills with high sand content. The products are highly technical, technical performance, novel and innovative, and have won the support and trust of customers all over the country.