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Spoiled Flour Combination For Organic Food

Aug 30, 2016

Small flour milling machinery have to adjust to slower growth and development stages, mainly reflected in the upgrading of old products, flour machine industry's new development focus from quantity-oriented work seeking quality breakthrough rather than expansion. Small flour mechanical way out is: adjust the product structure. You can see from the development of flour milling industry in developed countries, small, fragmented operations will eventually have to be replaced by large-scale centralized management.

National flour industries may make adjustments. To focus on research and product development in line with national development policies, in terms of processing capacity, mainly produces Nissan 50-100 tons of the product, and for daily output of 100 tons of the product development pipeline. In fact, in the past two years of small flour milling machinery market demand has reflected this trend. At this stage was producing 30-50 tons of popular products. Technology, emphasis on developing high level products.

Modern people have added to pure natural green food spoil when flour mill came into being and into people's lives. Milling machine processing of flour, better keep the wheat protein, carbohydrate, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2 and 12 vitamins nutrition, stone flour contains the required amount of vitamin e 18 times higher than the flour. Milling machine without any additives, when cooking, stone flour noodle soup color is pale yellow, and other flour noodle soup containing additive color is white. Stone flour machine retained the wheat flavor. Grinding machine grinding characteristics of maintaining the structure of flour at low speed without damage, so its pink pure nature, high gluten, smooth and delicate, pure raw wheat flavor, nutrition benefits of easily absorbed.