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Testing Stone Mill Grinding Vanilla Butter

Sep 10, 2019


Vanilla (fragrant herb) spice plant, containing aromatic volatile oil, antioxidants, bactericidal, not only can repel mosquitoes, beautify the environment, purify the air, beautify the living room, and is widely used in beauty, bathing, diet and medical treatment. Lavender, rosemary, thyme, musk, etc. are the objects of fashion chasing.


People use Vanilla plants as spices, steamed meat used in the Warring States period, mixed with food and soaking to enhance the fragrance; can also be directly used as vegetables and fruits, and as a natural preservative added to food.

The stone mills produced by our company can also grind vanilla sauce, have a fragrant smell, and the stone grinding machine with low grinding temperature, so is an ideal machine for making spices butter and spice powder . 

Below is a video of our test machine for Hong Kong customers. The color of the vanilla sauce is authentic and the taste is pure.

Stone Mill is a magical machine for grinding a variety of foods, mainly three types, flour mill, butter stone mill and nut milk stone mill.if you have any request ,pls ask our .0086-18615647023