Automatic Peanut Butter Making Machine

The use of advanced technology professional production equipment combined with traditional stone sesame oil, sesame paste, peanut butter stone. Fine grinding stone with sesame oil, long life advantages. Sesame oil stone mechanical transmission part adopts [Yellow] differential, with transfer torque, long life and other advantages of stainless steel base as a whole package, beautiful, safe, and sanitary. Sesame, peanut butter taste pure, grind sesame oil is rich in nutritional value, promote appetite, help digestion, contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals, etc., can reduce the accumulation of body fat.

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automatic peanut butter making machine

Feature of stone mill

Stone mill has the function of grinding sauce, pulp and powder. The grinding process takes place in the relative movement between the two stones. The upper grinding disc rotates at a low speed and the lower grinding disc stands still, which allows the material between the grinding teeth to undergo gentle grinding at a low speed. Grinding the finished product is more nutritious than colloid mill and steel mill, and is more acceptable to the public.


Application of stone mill

The stone mill is widely used in the industrial production of food (peanut butter, sesame paste, chili sauce, garlic sauce, rice milk, soy milk, dairy products, soft drinks, etc.)


Model of colloid mill

stone diameter(CM)voltage(V)power(W)capacity(KG/H)
two sets a group13.2220
four sets a group24.2440
six sets a group35.2660

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3. we are factory.

4.what capacity do you want. and we provide both half automatic and full automatic machines

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