Small Peanut Butter Maker Sesame Butter Maker Nut Butter Grinder

stone mill ---it is china ancient traditional food processing tools which as more than two thousand years of history. for thousands of years,it undergo vicissitudes, trails and hardships. but it always mill grain slowly in the oldest position. it is a cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, is a special seal , marked with some deep memory

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Small Peanut Butter Maker Sesame Butter Maker Nut Butter Grinder

tahini machine factory

we have extensive experience with nut grinding and we’d be happy to talk with you about how the old type nut grinder can benefit your operation. We ship worldwide; see above for our phone No.+8615628888824. We look forward to talking with you about the the world’s premier nut butter mill.

peanut butter grinding machine is made from stone , we use natural sandstone. this kind stone has suitable hardness, wearing resistant, uniform particle, delicate texture and rich in silicon,calcium, zinc, iron oxide and other minerals. the peanut butter from stone mill low temperature ,so peanut butter nutrition and taste can be kept well

peanut butter production line

tahini machine factory

Nut butter machines have become a staple in natural food stores, but that’s not the only place they are popping up and creating delicious creamy nut butter and spreads. Nut butter mills are found in grocery stores, delis, bulk food stores, and farmer’s markets where customers and clientele prefer natural food with natural ingredients. And that’s just what these machines provide.

Perfectly suited to specialty food stores, nut butter makers creat a fun self-serve dynamic that draws consumers in, then brings them back for more—as well as encouraging them to tell their friends.

It can grind: peanut, sesame, cashew nuts, apricot kernel, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, walnut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cocoa, Miso, fillings, dried fruit, bean…( into nut paste).

peanut butter production line

peanut butter production line

tahini machine factory

tahini machine factory


tahini machine factory

  1. We use natural sand stone,no harm no radiation to health and rich in minerals.,it can work 24 hours continuously,and stone guarantee time 5 years.and the stone can be used at least 30 years. 

  2. The whole machine is stainless steel except the bottom frame and it is covered by stainless steel.The thickness 2mm.

  3. stone mill has low rotating speed, only 33rpm/min,so the nut butter not hot, the nut butter nutrition and taste can be kept well,such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphrous, iron etc will not be broken.

  4. Last and most important,we use latest type reducer,durable.

tahini machinetahini machinery tahini paste machine
almond butter machinenut butter grinder nut butter milling machine

 This grinder can be used in the following locations: Supermarket, Organic food store, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, breakfast stores, Agricultural production store and household DIY Ways to enjoy the nut paste: consume directly, bread dressing, natural salad dressing, cold dish sauce, ingredients of cuisines, Japanese style dressing and etc.

Nut butter making machine

Cashew nut grinder

home used nut butter grinder

Storage –  stone mill nut grinders are compact . If processing for yourself or allowing customers to self-grind, you’ll want to have room available for jars, nuts, and labels.

Electricity use – we have different size for different power, you can choose the model you need .single phase or three phase both ok. 

Power supply – we can customized the motor according customers requirement.

Efficiency – You’ll want to consider how much nut butter is produced. How many kg nut you put in the machine, you will get the same quantity nut butter. No any waste. 

Working times – it can work 24 hours continuously.

multiple grinders – Multiple grinders allow you to offer several types of freshly-ground nut .

Ease of cleaning and maintenance – if you use the machine everyday. No need to clean it. Because there is no any space in the stone ,nut butter not touch air. If you want to change raw material, just use the soft strike-off board to clean the stone. 







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