Small Scale Butter Product Line

This peanut butter production line was designed by combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology and customer demand. It is consisted of feed elevator, continuous roasting & peeling machine, storing and feeding machine, grinding machines(stone mill), mixing machine, vacuum degassing tank, pump and other spare parts.It has advantages of high automation, easy operating, integrated control, stable performance, high product quality etc. It is the ideal processing equipments to produce peanut butter, sesame paste, etc.

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peanut butter production line

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Peanut Butter Production Line

This production line is on the basis of introducing foreign technology, combined with China's national conditions under the painstaking research of technical personnel, launched a new generation of products with advanced, practical, affordable. The whole line can realize automatic flow operation, which can save a lot of human resources, greatly reduce the production cost of products, and can be customized according to the output of customers.And the mainly part grinding machine is stone mill , stone mill rotation speed is low ,33rpm per mintures , so can keep the nutrition and taste well .

The technological process of peanut butter production is as follows: peanut roasted machine , peanut peeling machine ,peanut butter grind stone mill , mixing machine ,storge tank and filling machine .

Peanut Butter Production Line

Roasting machine:

Baking: put the peanut into roasted machine , and

make the heat oven to 160 ℃, keep 40 ~ 60 minutes,

for peanut kernel inside and outside the same color,

no anxious burnt phenomenon.

Cooling belt

after the peanut roasted, the material will be

quickly discharged, and the peanut kernels will be

spread out and air-cooled as soon as possible.

Peanut Butter Production Line
Peanut Butter Production Line

Grinding machine stone mill.

Using stone mill to grind nut butter, the machine rotation speed is 25-33rpm per minute, so the nut butter temperature of grinding is controlled below 40C,Add sugar or salt (2 % ~ 3% sugar, 0 % salt) before grinding.

Storage tank.

Settling down in the storage tank

Packing machine :

By the filling machine, the finished peanut butter is packed into 200g/500g/1000g bottle..

Peanut Butter Production Line

Stone Mill Advantage

stone mill rotation spped is low,so the butter is not hot,the nut nutrition, taste and mineral can be kept well, such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphorous, iron etc will not be broken.

And our stones mill are made of natural sandstone, which is non-toxic, non-radioactive and rich in minerals.The buttter that the stone mill grinds does not contain any metal elements,Is now living green food machinery.

stone mill product process

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