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tahini grinding machine can grind peanuts,sesame seeds,nuts and other matirials which contain oil.the advantage is low rotating speed,only 30-33 rpm/min, so the tahini is nt hot,the sesame nutrition, taste and mineral can be kept well

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peanut machine manufacturers

       Stone mill cluture

It is a china ancient traditional food processing tools which has more than two thousand years of history.

For thousands of years it undergo vicissitudes ,trials and hardships,but it always mill grain slowly in the oldest position .

It is a cultural heritage of the chinese nation is a special seal marked with some deep memory


            enying company

our copany is a big group company which manages many factory affiliated.located in zhangqiu city, shandong province China.we mainly focus on manufacture and export : Food processing machinery ,like tahini stone mill, roti /tortilla/chapati production line and all kind of flange.
Our products are widely recognized and trusted by clients. Relying on "Competitive Price ,Superior Quality and Good Service", we have lots of long-cooperated customers and we pledge to do our best to serve every customer




            the machines 


 it can process sesame, peanut , almond, chestnut, walnut and other nut which contain oil.It can work 24 hours non stop .the advantage of tahini stone mill is low rotating speed,only 30-33 rpm/min, so the tahini is not hot,the sesame nutrition, taste and mineral can be kept well, such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphorous, iron etc will not be broken.







       the guarantee

The guarantee time is one year, if there is problem in the first year and not human reason, we will provide the parts for free, after one year, we will charge for the spare parts.

1.Electric stone milling  machine

2.Natural sandstone and stainless steel 
3main parts:stone mill ,motor and reducer 
4.process :sesameseeds,peanuts ,almond,walnut,pine nuts  etc
5. Low working speed, low milling temperature,so nutrients are well kept 
6.Fully automatic: one person to operate a machine with automatic feeding
7.working life :20-30 years 
8.Our stone mill one year quality assurance, not artificial reason, within 5 years split free





                      about us




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