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this machine is stone mill, tahini stone mill. we use natural sandstone, no harm no radiation to health, and rich in minerals. it has slow rotating speed,only 33rpm/ the tahini not hot, the sesame nutrition, taste and mineral can be kept well, such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphrous, iron etc will not be broken. tahini from stone mill rich in nutritional value, promote appetite, help digestion, contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals, etc., can reduce the accumulation of body fat.

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tahini machine factory

Stone mill stone is pure natural green sandstone, which has the advantages of uniform particle size, hard texture, wear resistance and heat resistance, and long service life.the stone no harm to health and rich in minerals.

Electrical stone miller machine including three types. first type is tahini/nut butter stone mill. it can process sesame and any nuts which contain oil. second type is grain flour stone can process many kinds of grain, such as corn,millet,buckwheat, rice, wheat and so on. third type is soybean rice milk stone mill, it can process soaked grains and nuts.such as rice, soybean, peanut, almond. Stone mill is made of natural white sandstone. Low working speed, low milling temperature, won't broken nutrition ingredient of raw material. Food contact part and machine appearance all are made of stainless steel

tahini grinding machinetahini grinding machine

tahini machine factory

Electrical Sesame Stone Mill can process many kinds of grain, such as sesame, soybean, rice, wheat and so on.tahini paste machine

tahini machine factory

tahini machine factory


tahini machine factory

1.We use natural sand stone,no harm no radiation to health and rich in minerals.the stone wearing resisted ,it can work 24 hours continuously,and stone guarantee time 5 years.and the stone can be used at least 30 years.

2.we have been in stone mill business nearly 40 years.and has been exported for 8 years

The whole machine is stainless steel except the bottom frame and the bottom frame is covered by stainless steel.The stainless steel thickness 2mm.

3.stone mill has low rotating speed, only 33rpm/min,so the tahini not hot, the tahini nutrition and taste can be kept well,such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphrous, iron etc will not be broken.

4.Last and most important,we use latest type reducer,durable.

tahini machinetahini machinery tahini paste machine
sesame tahini making machine45mo4tahini press machinemini tahini machine

Grouped equipment

we can also provide tahini production line,It is consisted of feed elevator, continuous roasting & peeling machine, dedydrating machine, grinding machines(stone mill), mixing machine, mixing tank, pump and other spare parts.

sesame washing machine

The sesame cleaning machine adopts the principle of spiral blade stirring to remove foreign matter such as dust and sand in sesame. It has the advantages of automatic cleaning, automatic separation, automatic wind feeding, etc. The sesame is cleaned, non-polluting, and the equipment is simple to operate. Primary processing, the preferred machine for the sesame roast and sesame sauce industry.

sesame washing machine

sesame peeling machine

The machine is a vertical structure, compound agitator is used which produces an axial split. Radial splitting and circumferential splitting, the material is fully flipped and there is no dead angle. The use of the compound agitator shortens the time during which the sesame is invaded, peeled and separated.

The machine is mainly composed of a reducer, a tank body, a composite agitator, a separator, a heater, a positioning device and various inlet and outlet pipes.

sesame peeling machinesesame roaster 

Sesame roaster is used for roast sesame seeds. It can also be used for peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, swallowed beans, coffee beans, melon seeds and other granular nut foods. Using rotary drum, heat conduction heat radiation principle, can be designed according to customer requirements to use coal, electricity, gas for fuel and infrared type, microwave type; raw material not in contact with fireworks during baking, in the baking process raw material is continuously pushed by the spiral piece in the drum to form an uninterrupted rolling, which makes it evenly heated, and effectively guarantees the baking quality, color and taste.roastercan be customized according client requirement

sesame roaster

tahini machine factory

♦ Packing

Our machines are packed in wooden case

♦ Transportation

Shipping, train, express, by air or upon clients' demands.

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