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Our factory use advanced production equipment, technical expertise combined with traditional technology, we produce sesame oil, tahini stone mill, peanut butter stone mill/grinding machine. the stone is made of abrasion resistant nature of green sandstone, evengranular, clear texture. With fine grinding, high oil output, heat resisting, the butter does not change color, the stone has long life a

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Our factory use advanced production equipment, technical expertise combined with traditional technology. We produce tahini stone mill, peanut butter stone mill /flour grinding machine, etc.



This is the soybean stone mill,the tray and bottom stone is Integrated,so it is more complicated to produce.the soybean milk will be more fine.soybean milk stone mill no need to clean after you use it ,the grinding chamber will not keep raw material.we have another model which as automatic feeding part, the automatic feeding part feeding speed is adjustable to ensure the soybean milk fineness and save cost .the advantage of soybean milk stone mill is Stone running slow. The soybean milk have full natural release of soy protein and a variety of nutrition. The natural minerals in the stone and the soybean’s nutrition mix together to make the soybean milk more fragrant and delicious,more nutrition.

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1.The stone mill can mill rice, soybean, sesame and walnut.Stone soybean milk


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Upper stone diameter(cm) Below stonediameter(cm) voltage(v) power(kw) capacity(kg/h)
30 50 220 0.75 3
35 55 220 0.75 4
40 60 220 0.75 5
45 70 220 1.1 7
50 80 220 1.1 10
60 90 220 1.5 20
70 100 220/380 2.2 30
80 110 380 3 50


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Wooden Case


Around 15 days after receive the payment



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