Soybean Milk Making Machine

flour milling machine can grind wheat, corn, sorghum, beans, rice, oats, buckwheat, herbs, pepper, hot pepper and other crops into powder.It's low speed grinding characteristics can maintain the molecular structure of flour without adding any additives.

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soybean milk making machine

The machine can process soybean, peanut ,almond,rice etc.

the advantage of soybean milk stone millis Stone running slow. The soybean milk have full natural release of soy protein and a variety of nutrition. The natural minerals in the stone and the soybean’s nutrition mix together to make the soybean milk more fragrant and delicious,more nutrition.

the best ratio for soybean milk,The soybean and water ration is 1:6

the tray and bottom stone is Integrated,so it is more complicated to produce.the soybean milk will be more fine.soybean milk stone mill no need to clean after you use it ,the grinding chamber will not keep raw material.we have another model which as automatic feeding part(show client the video ), the automatic feeding part feeding speed is adjustable to ensure the soybean milk fineness and save cost .


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     about the production

The soybean milk only need to mill one time . and then you need to separate the milk and dreg,you can use the filter. You can not drink it directly, you need to filter it and cook it before drink

Soybean milk is a kind of beverage popular among Chinese people and also a kind of nutritious food suitable for all ages. It enjoys the reputation of "plant milk" in Europe and America.Soy milk is rich in plant protein and phospholipids, but also contains vitamin B1.B2 and niacin.In addition, soy milk also contains iron, calcium and other minerals, especially the calcium it contains, is very suitable for all kinds of people, including the elderly, adults, teenagers, children and so on.

Fresh soybean milk is drinkable all the year round.Drinking soybean milk in spring and autumn, nourishing Yin and moistening dryness, and harmonizing Yin and Yang;Summer drink soybean milk, heat and heat, thirst;Winter drink soy milk, quhan warm stomach, nourishing tonic.In fact, in addition to the traditional soybean milk, soybean milk and a lot of patterns, red dates, medlar, mung beans, lily can become the ingredients of soybean milk.




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   Packing and delivery


Different machines,the pagckage will be different,We support wooden box package,If big machine or production line,it will be loaded in the container directly

Around 20 days after receive the payment.we support delivery by ship. We can aslo deliver the machine to your agent in china if you have



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