Tiger Nut Milk Processing Machine

This mill is suitable for sesame seed butter , peanut butter , soybean butter , rice butter starch butter and some industrial butter , small volume, easy to move, simple operation low noise, high efficiency, refine butter

Product Details

Tiger nut milk processing machine Product Description

Tiger nut milk grinder machine suitable for make nut milk, soybean milk etc. Application to canteens, restaurants and small food processing plants. Soybean milk stone mill is a traditional grinding equipment, not only can use to rice, soybeans, corn,and other food materials, but also apply to chilli ,onion and other industries in certain materials wet grinding.bb060b6c4baf60cb165bfe8de11f50c

Product Application

Tiger nut milk has become the food on the table of many families because of its rich nutrition and health care value. The concept of "a cup of fresh tiger nut milk, healthy every day " has been accepted by many people.

tiger nut milk making machine

machine working video

Main Features

1.Green and environmental protection: It uses suitable hardness sandstone as raw material, contains various trace elements and minerals, is green, pollution-free, environmentally friendly and healthy. 2.Energy-saving loss: Graphite low-speed operation grinding, energy saving, low power consumption, uniform grinding, scientific design, organic combination of machinery and stone grinding, small footprint, easy operation, low cost. 3.Wide variety: According to different processing materials, it is divided into: flour stone grinding, soy milk stone grinding, sesame oil grinding, rice pulp stone grinding, peanut butter stone grinding, sesame sauce stone grinding, household manual soy milk stone grinding, etc., product design science, Excellent quality and loved by users.052203Technical Information

Diameter of stone (cm)Voltage(v)Power(w)Capacity(kg|h)

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worked samples

soybean milk machine samples


*Are you the manufacture or trading company?

We are the manufacturer with professional produce experience on milk stone mill more than 40 years. We own both of Domestic and international sales department.

*Where is your factory located?

Our factory is located in Jinan city, shandong province, welcome to visit.

*Can you send the goods to my home?

Sure, usually we delivery the goods by port, But, if the customer asks us to delivery to home, we also can do it.

*Can I be your agent?

Yes, if you want to become our distributor in your place, we are pleasure that we share profits and cooperate together. More information of that, please contact with me. Thanks.

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