Wheat Flour Machine For Shop

The grain wheat flour making milling machine for home can grind wheat, corn, sorghum, beans, rice, oats, buckwheat, herbs, pepper, hot pepper and other crops into powder.It's low speed grinding characteristics can maintain the molecular structure of flour without adding any additives.

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wheat flour machine for shop

flour stonr mill


the flour stone mill can process wheat, corn, rice , maize, beans, millet, oats,buckwheat, herb, tea ,sorghum, dry chilli/pepper

We use sand stone,this kind stone has suitable hardness,wearing resisting,no radiation,uniform particles,delicate texture and rich in silicon,calcium,zinc,iron oxide and other mineral.

we use latest type  reducer and good quality,there are vertical reducer and horizontal reducer . all parts of machine materials which contact food are stainless steel(bearing stainless steel), the tray thickness we use is 2.5mm, the hopper thickness is 1.5mm. And one side of the frame can be open, so you can check the motor and reducer at any time.my machine cross arm is stainless steel and covered by stainless steel

For the single model , the flour fineness is 80-100 mesh,  if the production line , it can reach 120 mesh it need to grind 6-7 times

It is better to spray some water in the raw material, and keep it for several hours , then mill them.such as wheat, 20 kg wheat need to spray 1 kg water, the wheat will be easy to grind and can get more flour .

the advantage of flour stone mill is low rotating speed,only 19-25 rpm/min, so low temperature ,so the flour nutrition and taste such as protein, carotin, VB etc can be kept well . the flour will be more gluten and no need to add any additives.

we have different capacity from 20kg/h to 75kg/h the sets from 200kg/h-2000kg/h

The following are the detailed parameters



standardcapacitypower(kw)floor space(m)
  • Bale press


automatic flour stone millautomatic flour stone mill (2)


with cover

Stone mill flour is ground with traditional stone mill at low speed and temperature, and of course its flour yield is relatively low.The grinding speed of stone mill is 20 rotations per minute, the temperature is 45 degrees, and the flour technology with both the core and the skin makes the number of times of wheat in grinding greatly reduced, and the flavor, protein, carotene and other nutrients of wheat germ are completely retained.

Modern steel mill flour is adopting the centrifugal casting steel roller grinding, milling machine running speed, high temperature, the rate of 500-800 - RPM, the temperature at 120 degrees Celsius, due to steel bar mill too strong, grinding temperature is too high, flour protein and other nutrients loss is bigger, the natural fragrance of wheat germ lose more, damaged starch chain, outstanding performance is low dough stability time, forced manufacturers to join all kinds of additives, nutritional value is reduced greatly.

our copany is a big group company which manages many factory affiliated.located in zhangqiu city, shandong province China.we mainly focus on manufacture and export : Food processing machinery ,like tahini stone mill, roti /tortilla/chapati production line and all kind of flange.
Our products are widely recognized and trusted by clients. Relying on "Competitive Price ,Superior Quality and Good Service", we have lots of long-cooperated customers and we pledge to do our best to serve every customer

We will initiate the second phase of our development strategy .

Our company regards : reasonable price ,efficient production time and good after-sales seivice:

As our tenet ,we hope to cooperation with more customers for mutual development and benefits.

We welcome potential buyer to contact us .

We have  kept to the tenet of developing through quality ;creating first-class company and famous brand;customer foremost credit paramount .facing fierce market competition ,we have strrngthened quality management in an all-round way and kept improving quality of products,which has achieved a growing sales amount of our stone mill equipments and an excellent cooperation between customers and us .

our machine made by hand who have ecades of experience





We have many customers at home and abroad, such as Lebanon, India, Thailand, Canada, Oman, Philippines, Australia and so on



Our service

1. Electric stone milling  machine

2.Natural sandstone and stainless steel 

3.main parts:stone mill ,motor and reducer 

4.process :sesameseeds,peanuts ,almond,walnut,pine nuts  etc

5. Low working speed, low milling temperature,so nutrients are well kept 

6.Fully automatic: one person to operate a machine with automatic feeding

7.working life :20-30 years 

 8.Our stone mill one year quality assurance, not artificial reason, within 5 years split free




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