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flour milling machine can grind wheat, corn, sorghum, beans, rice, oats, buckwheat, herbs, pepper, hot pepper and other crops into powder.It's low speed grinding characteristics can maintain the molecular structure of flour without adding any additives.

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flour machine 

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Jinan enying machinery co.,ltd is a big group company which manages many factory affiliated.located in zhangqiu city, shandong province China.we mainly focus on manufacture and export : Food processing machinery ,like tahini stone mill, roti /tortilla/chapati production line and all kind of flange.
We mainly focus on manufacture and export : Food processing machinery ,like tahini stone mill, roti /tortilla/chapati production line and all kind of flange.
Our products are widely recognized and trusted by clients. Relying on "Competitive Price ,Superior Quality and Good Service", we have lots of long-cooperated customers and we pledge to do our best to serve every customer

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The traditional stone mill is made of two round stones carved by hammer and chisel. Both of them are large stones with a certain thickness, which are carved by hand into flat cylindrical shapes.

Stone grinding teeth production is a very professional complex technology, its reasonable, natural, scientific design characteristics, must be manually modulation, its Angle, size, clearance is all modern tools irreplaceable!

The upper grinding disc is also chipped with a hole, which is occluded with the lower disc and fixed on a pedestal, and there is a short vertical shaft in the middle of the lower fan, which is made of iron, and there is a corresponding empty sleeve in the middle of the upper fan.At the same time, there is an empty chamber on the contact surface of the two blades, which is called "grinding chamber".The outside of the bore has grinding teeth one after another, and there are grinding holes left in the upper part of the bore. When grinding something, grain flows into the bore through the grinding hole and evenly distributes around the bore. It is ground into powder and flows to the grinding disc from the cracks.The stone mill on the fan in the rotation movement, the grinding teeth and the lower fan grinding teeth interlocking and wrong, and form a very small lifting movement, so there will be a moment between the upper and lower fan gap, so that the processing of food through the upper fan aperture into grinding teeth.Low-speed grinding, low-temperature processing, the nutrients will not be damaged, stone mill and food crops natural friction, stone mill contains minerals and food crop nutrients natural mix, integration, pure flavor, natural green, longevity, nutrition and health.



 the stone mill flour and the ordinary flour difference

1. Process

Stone mill flour is ground with a traditional stone mill at low speed and temperature, and its flour yield is correspondingly low.The grinding speed of stone mill is 20 rotations/min, the temperature is 45 degrees, and the flour technology with both core and skin makes the number of times of wheat in grinding greatly reduced, and the flavor, protein, carotene and other nutrients of wheat germ are completely retained.

Modern steel mill flour is adopting the centrifugal casting steel roller grinding, milling machine running speed, high temperature, the rate of 500-800 - RPM, the temperature at 120 degrees Celsius, due to steel bar mill too strong, grinding temperature is too high, flour protein and other nutrients loss is bigger, the natural fragrance of wheat germ lose more, damaged starch chain, outstanding performance is low dough stability time, forced manufacturers to join all kinds of additives, nutritional value is reduced greatly.

2. Color

Stone flour is naturally white and slightly yellow because it is high in carotene and dietary fiber.

Plain flour appears very white.The structure of the starch chain of modern steel mill flour is destroyed, and the stabilization time of the dough is reduced, which makes it difficult to assemble. Therefore, stabilizers must be added.In addition, in order to cater to people to eat noodles about the better the wrong diet habits, adding whitening agent, strong gluten agent and other additives, so flour appears very white.

3. Taste

When ground with stone flour and flour, the noodles have more water and less time to wake up. No matter pulled, pulled or rubbed, the noodles can remain flexible and unceasing. After cooked, the noodles or noodles will taste flexible and firm.A variety of pasta made of stone flour, wheat flavor is very strong, good taste, chewy.

Ordinary flour is due to additives, whitening agents, flour carotene and other damaged, flour is too white, and when the flour, little water, dough color and luster without change, such as containing strong gluten agent too much, it is difficult to roll out the face.When the noodles are cooked, they look nice and taste delicious, but they have no wheat flavor



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Different machines,the pagckage will be different,We support wooden box package,If big machine or production line,it will be loaded in the container directly.


Around 20 days after receive the payment.we support delivery by ship. We can aslo deliver the machine to your agent in china if you have.



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