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Select non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive and natural high-quality composite mineral stone with certain biological activity! Exquisite technology: For more than 30 years, we have always adhered to the traditional craftsmanship of stone mills, strictly according to the traditional stone grinding teeth angles and sizes, and handmade. The stone grinding teeth are meticulous and tidy, the lines are clear, and the sharpness is extremely long. Longer, higher endurance, faster, better and better when grinding raw materials.

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italy technology wheat flour mill machine

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wheat flour mill

The traditional stone mill is made of two round stones that have been hardened and carved with axe. Both of them are large stones with a certain thickness. They are carved into flat cylinders by hand, and they are cut out on two discs. A series of diagonal lines are called grinding teeth.The production of tooth grinding by stone grinding is a highly specialized and complex technology.

The upper grinding disc is also drilled with holes to engage the lower disc and fixed on a frame. There is a short vertical shaft in the middle of the lower fan made of iron. There is a corresponding empty sleeve in the middle of the upper fan. Fixed, the upper fan can rotate in the opposite direction around the axis. At the same time, there is an empty cavity on the contact surface of the two leaves, which is called a "grinding cavity". There are grinding teeth one after another on the outer circumference of the chamber, and there are still grinding eyes on the upper grinding. When grinding things, the grain flows into the grinding chamber through the grinding eyes, and is evenly distributed around the grinding chamber. It is ground into powder and flows from the gap to the grinding disc. The upper fan of the stone mill is rotating, and the grinding teeth of the grinding tooth and the lower fan are interlocking and intersecting each other, forming a very small lifting movement, so there is a momentary tooth gap between the upper and lower fans, which makes the machining The grain continuously enters the grinding teeth through the holes of the upper fan. Low-speed grinding, low-temperature processing, no damage to nutrients.

Stone introduction

stone mill

stone mill

Our stone mills are made of natural sandstone, which is cut into discs by a large machine, and then forged and polished by hand by the workers, turning them into a smooth and exquisite stone mill

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stone   diameter(CM)capacity(KG/H)power(kw)voltage(V)Weight(kg)Upper/lower disc   thickness
automatic single model 100cm756380

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semi autamatic

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Our company is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, and has been producing stone mills for more than 40 years. Our product quality has been pursuing perfection and excellence. We take good service to every customer as our purpose, so we have won unanimous praise from new and old customers. We will develop better and bring customers the most practical products.





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Customer visit

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