Hot Peanut Butter Machine For Sale

New style Tahini grinding machine can grind peanuts,sesame seeds,nuts and other matirials which contain oil.The nutrition in sesame seeds can be fully ground by low speed and low temperature grinding.

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hot peanut butter machine for sale


Grinding, originally called, the han dynasty was called grinding.Exactly when it was born, few people can answer the question at present.According to the "general work of public transportation" recorded in shiben and other documents, the use of circular stone grinding began in the early warring states period.This was because public transport generally referred to lu ban, who was contemporary with mozi (475-376 BC).But there has long been scepticism about the accuracy of the text.Professor liu xianzhou, a famous expert on the history of construction machinery in China, cited this information, but cautiously concluded that the use of the stone mill should be at least 2000 years ago.



the machine can process sesame, peanut , almond, chestnut, walnut and other nut which contain oil.

our machine material is sand stone and all parts contact food are stainless steel and we use latest type reducer and good quality.the sand stone wearing resisted ,it can work 24 hours continuously,the stone no radition, no harm to health and rich in minerals.

the tray the stainless steel  thickness we use is 2.5mm, the hopper thickness is 1.5mm. And one side of the frame can be open, so you can check the motor and reducer at any machine cross arm is stainless steel and covered by stainless steel

the advantage of tahini stone mill is low rotating speed,only 30-33 rpm/min, so the tahini is not hot,the sesame nutrition, taste and mineral can be kept well, such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphorous, iron etc will not be broken.

And we guarantee that if the stone crack in five years (not human reason), we will provide the new stone for free.

We use sand stone,this kind stone has suitable hardness,wearing resisting,no radiation,uniform particles,delicate texture and rich in silicon,calcium,zinc,iron oxide and other mineral.the workers making the stone mill by hand 





our company is  professional supplier in tahini/peanut butter/grain flour stone mill,we have been in stone mill business nearly 40 years,the earliest factory for stone mill and now we are the biggest stone mill factory in china.

we mainly focus on manufacture and export : Food processing machinery ,like tahini stone mill, roti /tortilla/chapati production line and all kind of flange.
Our products are widely recognized and trusted by clients. Relying on "Competitive Price ,Superior Quality and Good Service", we have lots of long-cooperated customers and we pledge to do our best to serve every customer

 We will initiate the second phase of our development strategy .

Our company regards : reasonable price ,efficient production time and good after-sales service:

As our tenet ,we hope to cooperation with more customers for mutual development and benefits.

We welcome potential buyer to contact us .

We have  kept to the tenet of developing through quality ;creating first-class company and famous brand;customer foremost credit paramount .facing fierce market competition ,we have strengthened quality management in an all-round way and kept improving quality of products,which has achieved a growing sales amount of our stone mill equipments and an excellent cooperation between customers and us .





Sesame paste, also known as sesame paste, is a kind of food made by grinding Fried sesame seeds.According to the color of sesame, can be divided into white sesame paste and black sesame paste.

Tahini sauce is one of the most popular flavorings.It is better to eat white sesame paste and black sesame paste for nourishing qi.

According to the use, northern hot pot sesame paste is a common, so also known as the north sauce.The raw material of sesame paste is refined white sesame.Fine workmanship, golden color, smooth taste, mellow taste.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sesame paste can nourish the central qi, moistens the five zang-organs, nourish the lung qi, calm the heart and fill the marrow. It can be used to treat liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness, intestinal dryness, constipation, anemia and other diseases。

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The guarantee time is one year, if there is problem in the first year and not human reason, we will provide the parts for free, after one year, we will charge for the spare parts.

1. Electric stone milling  machine

2.Natural sandstone and stainless steel 

3.main parts:stone mill ,motor and reducer 

4.process :sesameseeds,peanuts ,almond,walnut,pine nuts  etc

5. Low working speed, low milling temperature,so nutrients are well kept 

6.Fully automatic: one person to operate a machine with automatic feeding

7.working life :20-30 years 

 8.Our stone mill one year quality assurance, not artificial reason, within 5 years split free



Different machines,the pagckage will be different,We support wooden box package,If big machine or production line,it will be loaded in the container directly.


Around 15 days after receive the payment.we support delivery by ship. We can aslo deliver the machine to your agent in china if you have



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