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Analysis on development direction of domestic stone flour machine

Aug 30, 2016

With the accelerating pace of industrialization, the majority of enterprises are supported by corresponding development, from the development of domestic industrial market, corn is the fastest-growing industries in recent years, occupies an important position in the national economy. Development of corn processing nature to promote the rapid development of a stone flour machine and slowly constitutes a complete system and machinery automation, easy development.

With the further implementation of the scientific Outlook on development, stone flour machine industry also needs to take the path of green development, which means stone flour needs to be more scientific, greener direction of development:

1. Stone flour needs to be to reduce energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, with smaller capital investment in order to obtain greater profits.

2. Developing smarter stone flour production technology, automatic control and microelectronics, computer technology is used in stone flour, improve the mechanization and automation of stone flour, improve productivity, and increase the comprehensive utilization of corn.

3. Stone flour machine development of chemical and biological technology, development and application of enzyme technology, microbial technology. Rational use of bio-technology, can greatly increase the productivity of stone flour, in line with the requirements of sustainable development.