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Stone flour rich nutrition

Aug 30, 2016

Stone flour machine contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, stone and natural friction of grain, mineral nutrients into grain, mixed natural, seamless, more rich in nutrients. Low speed grinding, low temperature processing, original: no heat-curing paste of starch, protein gluten had not changed, vitamins, trace elements are not damaged, nutrients remain. Different corn processing technology of maize flour machinery quality and moisture content requirements are also different. Flour mechanical manufacturers for you detailed analysis level rotary equipment of function and uses: function: material in flour mechanical level Rotary body face Shang do rotary movement, combined material and face, and material internal of different friction of role formed grading, material in has hole face Shang of level rotary movement, makes material loose from, to must of speed after screen hole, take material weight and material layer pressure through screen hole reached filter of purpose. Since the particle level rotary motion, screening can be carried out according to the different particle lengths. Flour grinding machine sales we need to select the right sales only sells equipment is positioned correctly on good sales.

Is true for any business, first to work out the direction of the sales of their products, only on the basis of the right to forge ahead toward the high sales goals. Not just our industry so, same is true for other products, good decision-making, create their own miracles. Stone flour into millions of households from the start, bring huge business opportunities in the food processing chain project. Stone flour mill the head is made of maifan stone, this stone experts, contains a variety of natural trace elements, an invention patent, low speed grinding using traditional methods, temperature low flour, starch, protein, vitamins, and trace elements are not destroyed by the high temperatures, to retain the integrity of the active substances and nutrients in wheat, with rich wheat flavor, low noise and environmental pollution-free.