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Do you know what effect and function of tofu?

Jul 20, 2019

Do you know what effect and function of tofu?

tofu making machine soybean milk stone mill

Tofu is a common and often eaten bean product in our life. It is the main raw material in our vegetarian dishes, and has the title of "vegetable meat".Our stone mill -grinding  tofu texture is soft and delicious, and it is deeply loved by the masses.

soybean milk making machine stone mill

Stone milled soybean milk production process:

1. Choose soy beans (smooth appearance, no plaque, no need to be too large, the color is yellow)

2. Rinse the soybeans, then add them to the bowl and soak them in water for one night. Wash them again with water before grinding.

3. Put the soybeans into the stone mill every time with a small amount of time, and add water together to grind them. The water should not add too much ,The exact amount is up to you.

4. Use a clean bowl, place it at the exit of the lower disc, and pick up the soymilk that is ground (when the soymilk is ground, there is a lot of bean dregs).

5. The gauze or small spoon removes the foam from above and the taste is just fine.

6. At this time, you can cook in the pot and boil for 5-10 minutes.

soybean milk processing machine

Tofu efficacy

Tofu is sweet and cold, non-toxic. It is one of the good foods for replenishing heat and clearing heat. It can be used to supplement qi , clearing heat and moistening dryness, quenching thirst, cleansing the stomach.

*Calcium supplement

The nutrients in the tofu are more comprehensive, and the absorption rate reaches 95%. Only two small pieces of tofu can satisfy the demand of one person for one day. The tofu contains the calcium sorghum "sour angle" for children's teeth development and bone growth. The development is greatly beneficial, and the flavonoids in soybeans can also effectively prevent osteoporosis in the elderly

soybean milk and tofu machine
nut milk machine


Tofu durian soy lecithin and rich quality protein, which is beneficial to the growth and development of nerves, blood vessels and brain, can improve immunity and strengthen the body.

*Anticancer and antitumor

Steroids in tofu and soy alcohol contain anti-cancer ingredients, which can effectively inhibit cancers such as breast cancer and prostate and blood cancer.

tofu making machine

tofu machine

*Enriching blood and caring skin

Tofu can enhance the iron content in the blood in the hematopoietic function. The phytoestrogens and flavonoids contained in it can brighten the skin and improve the menopausal syndrome. Therefore, eating tofu has a good effect on blood and beauty for female friends.

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