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Health care function of soybean products

Jun 01, 2019

Health care function of soybean products

tofu and soybean milk

1.Prevention of osteoporosis

Calcium is the main component of human bones. The main cause of osteoporosis is the lack of calcium. Soy products are rich in calcium and a certain amount of vitamin D, which can effectively prevent osteoporosis.

2.Improve the body's immunity

Soy products are rich in lysine, unsaturated acids, starch sucrose and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

3.Prevent constipation

Bean products provide sufficient nutrients for the intestines and have positive effects on prevention and treatment of constipation, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, and intestinal cancer.

soybean product

4.Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Soy sterols and unsaturated fatty acids contained in soy products have a good rouge effect, and their calories are low, which can reduce weight. It has a good effect on the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in obese middle-aged and elderly people.

5.weight loss

Soy products have a very low fat content, and carbohydrates can only absorb half. Obese people not only have a feeling of fullness after eating but also have lower calories than other foods, so they are good for weight loss.

6.Delay menopause

Soy products are rich in estrogen, vitamin E and phospholipids necessary for the brain and liver, which have a significant effect on menopausal women to delay aging and improve menopausal symptoms.

soybean milk making machine

With the advancement of society and the improvement of people's living standards, people's demands for food taste and nutrition are constantly improving. Soymilk made of stainless steel mills can no longer meet people's needs. Returning to the original and grinding ancient methods has become the pursuit of more and more people. Our soy milk bean curd mill uses natural sandstone, which does not fade or slag. The unique minerals contained in the stone mill and the nutrient elements of the soybeans are naturally mixed, making the soymilk beautiful and more nutritious.