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Five characteristics of the stone mill flour

Mar 28, 2019

Five characteristics of the current stone mill flour


Fine - selected high quality wheat producing areas, high quality strong gluten, non-polluting durum wheat;

None - no additives added;

Color - slightly yellow (due to the production process of stone mill flour, wheat and wheat hearts, which contain a small amount of wheat bran, and a large amount of carotene and dietary fiber, without any additives;)

Fragrance - retains the original flavor of wheat, the various pasta made with stone mill flour is soft and fragrant, with "nutrition of coarse grains, taste of fine grains";

The whole-stone mill flour is processed by low temperature and low speed processing, which does not damage the nutrients of wheat, and the nutrients in wheat are not lost to the greatest extent. Regular consumption has a lot of health effects on the human body and has a great auxiliary effect on patients with high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood fat.