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Flour is how to make flour?

Aug 30, 2016

Regular consumption of corn in our lives, how wheat flour is producing it? Most of my friends know is just flour and processed, but know little about flour milling process, small make up today to brief you on how flour is made of flour.

Flour pulverizing process consists of four systems, ground systems, ground systems, slag grinding system and the system. Flour machine milling system is divided into anterior skin mill and posterior comminution, anterior skin Peel grinding tasks are wheat, to maximize the extraction maizha, Mai, posterior skin grinding task is to scrape the endosperm. Flour machine milling system is the embryo develop fine powder.

Powder and slag grinding system is the system connection grinding and wear ties, played an important role in the production of high precision when the flour, its task is to extract the anterior skin grinding system of large, medium, small coarse purification into almost excluding cortex wheat and coarse powder, and sent to the grinding system for fine-quality flour. Therefore, the slag grinding and powder system bears the material together in a flour milling process and refinementof the role.

1, flour-machine mill system: peeled wheat, under the prerequisite of ensuring the cortex does not overly broken, blown away by road on the cortex of endosperm, endosperm of the extraction of high quality grains and a certain quality and quantity of flour.

2, flour machine milling systems: systems provide pure endosperm of grain, ground into a flour with a certain fineness by road, and the cake crumbs. Usually configure end mill, grinding road ground before separating out of cake crumbs and coarse grains.

3, flour slag grinding system: on the road before even bran endosperm particles of light provided by the Institute, the cortex and separated from the endosperm, resulting in pure maixin sent to milling.

4, flour machine system: road extraction of wheat residue and maixin before purifying, grades, then were sent to the ground system.

5, flour blending system: different flour respectively, again according to the certain proportion, added and mixed into a variety of finished flours for different purposes.