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Why flour machinery production flour is moist?

Aug 30, 2016

We touch most of the flour is the hardcover edition of bagged flour, this is because after flour in flour processing machinery, and drying process. In fact, flour production is not the case, then how do we process the flour, here and we share with you:

First, flour machinery before the flour, wheat should be placed in the water and wash them, this is the demand for flour the clean, of course, this is a large flour machinery assembly line work, is not a separate process. After washing the wheat easier to take off my coat, and processed into flour Mai ren, the effect of it is very wet, and in the process, without drying the Mai ren, therefore, processed flour is moist.

Wet flour is the most major security needs, if flour is too dry, it will be a lot of flour flew into the air when the flour reaches a certain amount of concentration in the air, flashing if there is an open flame, it will blow, blasting consequences of flour, no different from the gas, powerful, there is no explosion occurred.

Even so, this is just the process and not have any impact on the quality of flour