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Flour machine needs across

Aug 30, 2016

Flour machine industry today mainly from the 80 's of the last century began construction of domestic flour milling industry in upgrading the golden age. At present, entirely from domestically produced flour machinery can be fitted into a modern flour processing line, and has been out of the country, effects levels reach or approach international advanced production line.

From the 80 's of last century, companies are still take the form of joint ventures, sole proprietorship, enter the country. Switzerland cloth Le company in to China sales has hundreds of sets flour, and rice processing equipment Hou, in Wuxi, and Shenzhen investment founded has owned food processing mechanical, and electronic equipment factory, and acquisition has "Shaanxi grain machine", Enterprise, occupy China food processing mechanical high-end market of intent obvious; Italy GBS company in China also has dozens of article flour machine line of equipment, 2004 the company March Beijing, established has JI will St food mechanical company. These international flour machinery enterprises are generally able to process design and provide complete production line suppliers, mostly for decades or even centuries of history, a survival of the fittest, mostly in Europe. Because the flour was a traditional mature industry, flour machine industry has been basically industrialization of the developed European countries, too, in recent decades, flour machine industry is accordingly completed the optimization of industrial processes.