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Flour machinery products to improve the quality of

Aug 30, 2016

In order to meet the requirements of production performance of frozen dumplings, wheat quality is also very large. Wheat flour production design and flour machinery equipment shapes are great innovations. In equipment of styling aspects requirements select performance better and run reliability most stable of equipment (full imports Germany cloth Le company production equipment), in milling process design and control aspects for has different of innovation, on material of distribution aspects take has special of method again adjustment, basic gave up old of with quality merged (by material of purity and size for merged) of process design method, used by wheat different parts flour mechanical performance for merged. Are leads a stable ground, reasonably adjust flour to science, and then through sophisticated blending. Extended flexibility so that the flour reaches freezing frost resistance of anti-crack ability and good ability to adapt the machining process of flour while making flour amongst achieve the quick freezing process requirements.

In addition to the equipment, the impact of technology, so the selection of wheat also was very strict and scientific. Strictly in accordance with the company's wheat wheat selection received the internal control standards. Production of quick-frozen dumplings, flour quality requirements is mainly to solve the dumplings the mechanical performance of the production process, so the mechanical properties of wheat is the most important. Elastic decided to extend the wheat flour important in mechanical properties of indicators, the company after many years of accumulated experience and through a lot of data analytical summary of the wheat to produce flour best suited in the freezing process parameters. Wheat procurement according to the standards, from the fundamental guarantee of the quality of the flour. Then used the same types of wheat in the processing of separate processes and promote the basic powder blending operation mode of flour flour better strengthening properties of quick-frozen. But also to maximize value to the product and the product structure is more reasonable.