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Intangible cultural heritage - stone mill

Nov 01, 2019

Intangible cultural heritage - stone mill

Jinan enying machinery manufacture, engaged in traditional stone mill production for nearly 40 years, is a specialized manufacturer integrating production, design, manufacture and sales. The company always adheres to the traditional craft making stone mill, strictly according to the traditional stone grinding tooth angle and size. The stone grinding teeth are neat and tidy, the lines are clear, the sharpness is incomparable, the service life is longer, and the bearing capacity is higher. 

soybean milk stone mill

The company's products use natural sandstone, sound insulation, moisture absorption, anti-breakage, no long moss, easy to clean, no light pollution, no radiation, no radiation damage to the human body, uniform particles, fine texture, ideal effect. The stone has passed the national quality inspection and has the qualified inspection report of the National Stone Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.image

At present, the company's self-developed stone grinding products have three series: nut milk series, flour and powder grinding series and nut butter grinding series, and have large production units, which can be designed and installed according to customer requirements. 


The nut will become high temperature during the grinding process. Generally, the stone is overheated for 3 hours, and the work must be stopped. Our company stone mill breaks through this trouble. The stone mill can work continuously for 24 hours. We also promise that the grinding disc is not artificial break. We will free replacement within 5 years.