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How to choose stone grinding machinery

Aug 23, 2019

How to choose stone grinding machinery

Before buying a stone grinding machine, consumers must decide what to grinding with this stone mill. Stone mills are divided into wet grinder mills, flour and powder mills, nut butter mills and special shaped stone mills. Each stone mill has different uses. Many customers expect a stone mill to grind all materials, which is impossible. For example, grinding soy milk and sesame paste are different, you can not use the same stone mill.stone mill

Choose a long history stone mill brand. The long history shows that the stone mill manufacturers have reliable quality and good after-sales service. And has its own design and development team, professional technicians, and has a deep knowledge of the stone grinding process. Buying stone mills has a very good guarantee.

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Considering the stone grinding machine from the price/performance ratio, don't blindly look at the price of the stone mill. After all,good quality cost more,Only look at the price can't introduce enough. We should look at more than one manufacture and make a comparison before making a purchase.Achieve real value for money.


The after-sales of the stone mill can not be ignored, we must master the big aspects, but also pay attention to the details. We have to consider every detail of the stone after sale, which is very important. Let us buy the stone mill, do not worry, there will be some details and affect our normal work.0725

Jinan Enying Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of stone grinding for more than 40 years. It is a specialized manufacturer integrating production, design, manufacture and sales. The stone grinding production process is included in the intangible cultural heritage of the district. The company has always been "inheriting ancient law, cutting fine products, making green healthy food machinery" as the production tenet. The equipment meets the needs of different markets at home and abroad with first-class design, reliable quality and high-quality service. It is sold Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions.