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Luban and stone mill Culture

Jan 14, 2019

Luban and stone mill Culture

In the era of Luban’s life, people want to eat rice flour and wheat flour. They all put rice and wheat in the stone mortar and smashed it with a thick stone stick. It is very laborious to use this method, and the powder that is extracted thick and thin, and rarely found at one time. 


Luban wants to find a way to use less manpower. He made the grinding fan with two flat cylindrical stones with a certain thickness. The lower fan is equipped with a short vertical shaft, made of iron, and there is a corresponding empty sleeve in the middle of the upper fan. After the two fans meet, the lower fan Fixed, the upper fan can be rotated around the axis. On the opposite side of the two sides, there is an empty space called the honing, and the outer circumference of the cymbal is made together with one volt. When the upper fan has a grinding eye, when the surface is grinded, the grain flows into the honing through the grinding eye, evenly distributed around the surface, is ground into a powder, flows from the nip to the grinding disc, and passes through the sifting and removing the bran to obtain the stone grinding flour.



When history developed into the 1970s, people skillfully combined ancient techniques with modern elements to create an electric motor-driven stone mill that included two types of stone grinding: a chip stone mill and a roller stone mill. .


The low-speed grinding characteristics of the stone mill maintain the molecular structure of the flour without any additives. When cooking noodles, the surface of the stone flour flour is light yellow, while the other flour-containing soup containing additives is white in color. The stone mill flour retains the original flavor of wheat. The various pastas made with stone mill flour are soft, wheaty, and have higher nutritional value.


Food safety is greater than the day, and healthy food is rare. As a loyal successor and promoter of the traditional stone mill culture, we deeply understand the importance of stone mill culture to the inseparable relationship between modern society and the masses, relying on the eco-agricultural industrial park to strengthen the introduction and cultivation of agricultural products in the field of wheat planting, and enhance cultivation techniques. Enhance the quality of wheat from the source, use modern chip stone grinding equipment to trace every step of the product, ensure the ecological, environmental protection, health and safety production and processing of the whole process, and insist on creating organic healthy ecological agricultural products from the field to the table. Industry chain.