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Stone sesame oil grinding production process

Dec 29, 2018

Share with you the production process of stone grinding sesame oil:

1, choose sesame

Choose mature sesame seeds with full-bodied, dry and wet granules, first remove all kinds of impurities with sputum, then rinse with water to remove floating impurities and sediment at the bottom, put them into a bag that can flow, and make each sesame evenly . When frying sesame seeds, first heat them with a sizzling fire. When they are quick-cooking, gradually slow down the fire and speed up the agitation to promote the release of smoke and moisture. When the sesame is yellowish brown, remove it quickly, spread it out, and remove the scorched residue. The time when the sesame is out of the pan and the color of the sesame pot are very important. This time is the most stressful moment, and often the sweat will flow down the string at this time.


2, finely grinding sesame

This step I think is the easiest. put the sesame in the stone mill and grind it. There will be sesame sauce. The finer the sauce, the better. Put the ground sauce in a storage place. Prepare in one step.


3, stirring the slurry

This is a top priority and the water ratio needs to be strictly controlled. The oil in the slurry can be replaced. Must use more than 90 degrees of boiling water, the amount of water is generally about one-half of the weight of sesame, added in three or four times, gradually reduce the amount of water added, each time after adding water, stir. The bottom of the slurry gradually becomes honeycomb, and most of the oil floats out. Finally, add water to fix the slurry, the stirring speed is slowed down, and the oil is taken out after half an hour.

4, vibration oil. After the slurry is stirred with water, most of the oil is separated from the oil slurry, and the hoist-like object can be oscillated up and down in the oil slurry to promote the small oil droplets in the slurry to float out. Continuously shake the oil three times. When shaking the oil, keep the temperature at 890 degrees to reduce the viscosity of the oil. If you do not use the slag, do not filter it. It is a clear and fragrant little sesame oil.


This is the pure hand-made process of small sesame oil, each process contains the hard work of the workers, including the sweat of the workers, each step is a guarantee of quality. This handmade sesame oil can be eaten with confidence.