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Small flour machine for small and medium sized flour milling Enterprise

Aug 30, 2016

Small flour machine has a lot of advantages and characteristics of small flour machines on the small footprint, low investment, easy, and so on has decided he is applicable to small and medium sized flour milling Enterprise!

Small flour machinery consists of full-function wheat cleaning machine, improving tempering machines, round screen, skin-core separation mill and so on. The unit for rural, town, grain management, food markets, such as small and medium sized flour milling business.

① small flour mechanical body for non-casting material, used full plate welding, flour machine except has special of cutting function outside, and flour machine within synchronization has grading device, crushed Hou of material by air role, by grading device and collection, grading device usually replaced crushed equipment of screen network, can while completed micro-crushed and micro-powder points selected two road processing process, one-time into powder non slag, yield 100%.

II small flour machinery downtime can be kept clean and anti-clogging function, flour functions ensure the normal operation and does not stop automatically clean up and smash a variety of different materials. Mix, a powdered non-residue, no cycle smash, to ensure uniformity of the content of the various components. Flour machine feed particle size unlimited without coarse ground directly into the machine, water content and can adapt to a variety of different materials, without blending drying equipment.

③ small flour machinery may at any time adjust the product fineness, uniform size without adding sifter screen. Flour machine wearing parts all made of special wear-resistant material or hard alloy, good wear resistance, low cost of replacement of wearing parts, in line with the health standards of the products.

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