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Stone mill industry leading brand----enying machinery

Apr 11, 2019

Stone mill industry leading brand----enying machinery

The company's products use natural sandstone, sound insulation, moisture absorption, anti-breakage, outdoor weathering, water insolubilization, no long moss, easy to clean, no light pollution, no radiation, no radiation damage to the human body, uniform particles, fine texture, ideal effect. The stone has passed the national quality inspection and has the qualified inspection report of the National Stone Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

stone grinding process

At present, the company's self-developed stone grinding products have three series: nut milk mill series, flour and powder grinding series and tahini peanut butter grinding series, and have large production units, which can be designed and installed according to customer requirements. Hot-selling products mainly include flour stone mill, soy milk bean curd mill, sesame stone mill, miscellaneous grain stone mill, stone mill flour production line, craft stone grinding, ornamental stone grinding and other equipment.

jinan enying machinery

Oily crops tend to produce high temperature and high heat during the grinding process. Generally, when the stone works for 3 hours, the temperature is too high and must stop working. 

However, Our stone mill breaks through this trap. It uses natural stone sandstone. Sandstone is a kind of high-quality natural stone with no light pollution and no radiation. It has no radiation damage to the human body, green sandstone, uniform particles and fine texture. White stone with moderate hardness, white stone wear-resistant heat-resistant and high-temperature, can work continuously for 24 hours, which also determines its durability, Our sandstone warranty time is five years, and the company's sesame oil products can meet the requirements that Customer one-stop service.