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For peanut butter, you can also try this way of eating.

Mar 01, 2019

For peanut butter, you can also try this way of eating

For ordinary people, peanut butter is a peanut butter that provides aroma, a full-bodied taste and a slightly salty, slightly sweet taste, while also giving a supple and rich taste. The smooth peanut butter melts on the baked thick-cut bread, giving off a fascinating aroma. It is a soft bread mixed with fine peanut butter. Others prefer to add melted peanut butter to the hot bread. Put some banana slices, crunchy bacon, and take a bite. "That's just going to heaven."


For peanut butter, in the international market, more and more chefs are working on different combinations of peanut butter and more hot dishes and desserts. Here we introduce a dish that is easy to fail and organize it into recipes for you to challenge at home.

Peanut blueberry ice cream


  The ice cream after the embellishment   looks quite delicious.

  raw material:

  Ice cream, peanut butter, raspberry  sauce, blueberries, honey beans, rum,  espresso, dark chocolate, mint leaves,  finger puffs and pistachios

Production Method:

1. Excavate the ice cream, then add peanut butter (about 90% of the total volume), stir the rum evenly, and put it in the refrigerator to freeze again;

2. Add the remaining peanut butter to the prepared espresso coffee, stir well and set aside;

3, the honey beans are opened, cooked and soaked in sugar water;

4. Dig the stirred ice cream into ice cream balls with a ball digger, topped with raspberry sauce and coffee juice, and embellished with mint leaves, pistachios, dark chocolate chips, finger puffs and honey beans.