Best Peanut Butter Making Machine

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best peanut butter making machine

Product Description

Based on the principle of inheriting the fine tradition, the company skillfully combines ancient stone grinding technology with modern elements to create an electric stone mill. The product is made of green sandstone, which is wear-resistant and can work continuously for 24 hours. It is non-toxic, harmless, radiation-free and rich in minerals.


Product Application

This machine can process sesame, peanut , almond, chestnut, walnut and other nut which contain oil.


product process



Product Parameter

stone diameter(CM)voltage(V)power(W)capacity(KG/H)
two sets a group
four sets a group
six sets a group

The advantage of tahini stone mill.Low rotating speed,only 30-33 rpm/min, so the tahini is not hot,the sesame nutrition, taste and mineral can be kept well, such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphorous, iron etc will not be broken.

Main Features.

the machine all part contact food is stainless steel,bearing is stainless steel, the tray we use thickness 2mm ss, the hopper thickness 2mm. And one side of the frame can be open, so you can check the motor and reducer at any machine cross arm is stainless steel and covered by stainless steel(thickness 0.6mm).

parts drawing

Our service.

1.For the single machine,we will provide proper model according to customers requirement.
2.For the non-standard equipments and production line,our engineer will design machine layout according to customer workshop and Product processing technology

3.We send engineers and technicians to customers' factory to install the machine and train the worker for the production line.
4.We can provide the machine parts all the time.
5.We will reply your inquiry and email within 24 hours.

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