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The difference between traditional and modern stone mill

Sep 17, 2018

Traditional stone mill

A stone tool that peels or grinds food into powder by human or animal power. It consists of two short cylindrical stones of the same size and a grinding disc. It is usually placed on a table made of stone or adobe, and the lower stone (non-moving disk) and the upper stone (rotating disk) are attached to the stone or wooden grinding plate for flour.timg.jpg

Modern stone mill

The modern stone mill retains the grinding part of the traditional stone mill, ie two pieces of cylindrical rock, which changes the traditional power generating device. The original sputum produces the power of grinding wheat to become the power to produce the ground wheat by the electric motor, and at the same time increases the conveying. Device and cleaning device. Compared with the traditional slice stone mill, the modern slice stone mill saves the labor, reduces the labor and improves the output of the stone mill.

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