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What kind of stone is best for stone grinding?

May 07, 2019

Generally, the sandstone are used for stone grinding machine . suitable hardness,wearing resisting,no radiation,uniform particles´╝îdelicate texture and rich in silicon,calcium,zinc,iron oxide and other mineral.

It is a kind of compound mineral which is non-toxic, harmless and has certain biological activity to the human body. It is beneficial to the human body and has zero radioactivity. so sandstone is the best raw materials of stone mill , 

And sandstone is the best wear resistance of all rocks. This also determines its durability.

Sandstone is clearly stipulated in the National Standard for Radionuclide of Building Materials (GB61656-2001)>> The radioactivity of green sandstone is not included in the scope of radioactive inspection. It is a zero-radioactive stone that is non-toxic, harmless and contains a variety of minerals. It is a natural stone that is purely natural, green, environmentally friendly and safe to use.