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Cleaning Flour Machine Main What Are Common Faults?

Aug 30, 2016

Flour during the machine's operation will inevitably be some failure due to various factors, which will cause the flour isn't running correctly, or processed defective, cleaning Sieve flour machine failure would greatly influence. Cleaning flour machine main what fault does occur, today we are to know in detail:

1, because the flour machine bolt, would lead to flour large vibration cleaning sieve work shall be fastened in a timely manner;

2, flour machine processed products containing impurities, is usually caused by the cleaning screen damage, needs time to adjust or replace the separator;

3, if the broken corn raw material too much, also contributed to the machining quality of flour is not qualified, this is usually because of cleaning Sieve Sieve flour machine and causes.

Cleaning flour machine main common fault that occurs is that, we use in the process be sure to check in time, try to avoid these phenomena occur, reduce unnecessary losses.