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Flour Machine Improved With Many Advantages

Aug 30, 2016

In today's increasingly competitive situation of each industry, and for a mechanical production requires constant improvement and perfection, otherwise not only for further development and application, also faces being eliminated, this machine for flour production was improved with many advantages

1, the operation is very convenient:

2, flour machine cavity with the material contact part is not butter, keep the hygiene and cleanliness of the material. Old machine on the cavity must be butter, third type do not need any lubricant, ensure clean and pollution-free;

3, the sound is rather small. Precision machining of parts, strict testing procedures, unqualified accessories does not adopt the policy, after the Assembly has been commissioning of engineering personnel and strictly to ensure grain mill strictly meets the design requirements, the machine noise, does not affect the surrounding environment so that each customer at ease, and basic requirement for the processing of delicate products, health;

4, Mills fine. Repeated after the research and development efforts, the flour machine grinding up small, fine grinding, and sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds, cucumber, melon seeds, and lycium barbarum and oil content in radix codonopsis high or high sugar content of material worn thin, solve the problem of more than ordinary flour mill cannot grind material.