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Milling Machine Analysis Of Proper Repair And Maintenance In The Fall

Aug 30, 2016

Milling machine of small size, light weight, easy installation, convenient transportation, compact, durable, good protection, reasonably pleasing in appearance, easy to operate, convenient repair and maintenance

, Equipped with a small motor, and does not need to start the compensation device, using circular Sieve flour, replace the sieve silk is simple, flour grinding machine energy saving, low noise, stable performance, reliable.

Milling machine the right care and maintenance, it can ensure the safety of the operator, but also improve efficiency, extend equipment life. Sophisticated equipment maintenance is the key to producing high quality flour, flour grinding machine operation requires highly qualified operators, skilled operational skills, interlinked and influence each other. To check the oil, flour grinding machine pump oil, selected according to high and low temperatures, 20th-40th # machinery oil, or other of the same viscosity hydraulic oil, oil every six months to check 1, cleared of impurities in the circuit.

Milling machine a variety of reliable transmission components must be fastened, removal or milling machine installation should use special tools, prohibit the use of tools such as hammer blows. Always check the tightness of milling machine conveyor belt, belt too loose will reduce the efficiency of transmission and the impact of ground effect, too tight cause heating in the bearings, increasing power consumption, reduce the service life of the belt. Last thing is to always check the flour grinding machine bearing temperature, if the temperature is too high, you should check the lubrication and part is normal, rolling distance is too tight, and then identify the cause and take appropriate measures, in serious cases should check stands.