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What Influences The Quality Of Flour Machinery Production Of Flour?

Aug 30, 2016

Device of the so-called flour machinery as the name suggests is the production of flour, but you may not be aware of, although flour machinery similar to, but produced flour quality is not the same, then is: what impact on flour? Flour machinery is one of the components, the component name is on the roll, small series to explain all knowledge today.

Flour machinery, relative motion between two rolls, and can grind wheat into flour, until then, wheat also has a peeling process is the process of the epidermis to remove wheat, skin removed, roll directly rolled wheat kernels into flour.

The particles of flour, and roll number is directly related to how many teeth, the number of teeth more, produced more delicate flour, tooth number, the less processed flour is rougher, but the rough flour strong wheat flavor, make pasta just isn't pretty, slightly yellowed or grayed out. It's not dirt, but the role of carotenoids in the malt. In addition, flour machinery processing speed also has some influence on flour quality and speed, the lower the nutrient and is less likely to be damaged, the flour more nutritious.