Almond Paste Tahini Grinding Machine China

Our company uses advanced production equipment, cutting natural sandstone, combining professional and traditional techniques to further process the grinding discs. All the stone grinding teeth are hand-made by the technicians. We produce nut butters, tahini grinders, peanut butter grinders/grinders. The stone is made of sandstone, has high wear resistance, is granular, and has a clear texture. After fine grinding, high oil output, heat resistance, butter does not change color, stone life is long

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Almond paste tahini grinding machine china

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tahini mill

The advantage of stone mill :

1.We use natural sand stone,no harm no radiation to health and rich in minerals.the stone wearing resisted ,it can work 24 hours continuously,and stone guarantee time 5 years.and the stone can be used at least 30 years. 

2.we have been in stone mill business for 40 years.and has been exported for 10 years.

3.The whole machine is stainless steel except the bottom frame and the bottom frame is covered by stainless steel.

4.The tray and hopper stainless steel thickness is 2mm. 

5.Last and most important,we use the most advanced reducer,durable.

 Machine parameters

stone diamete(CM)thickness (CM)capacity(kg/h)voltage(V)power(kw)Weight(kg)
45upper stone:   15  bottom stone :1352201.1175
50upper stone:   15  bottom stone :13102201.1200
60upper stone:   20 bottom stone :18202201.5350
70upper stone:   22 bottom stone :20303802.2400
80upper stone:   24 bottom stone :22503802.2800
100upper stone:   32 bottom stone :281103807.52000
one sets a groupupper stone:   32 bottom stone :281103807.7
two sets a groupupper stone:   32 bottom stone :2822038017.2
four sets a groupupper stone:   32 bottom stone :2844038032.2

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peanut butter machinepeanut butter machine

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 Our company

 our companyOur company is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province. It is a large group company integrating multiple factories. We have been producing stone mills for 40 years, and we have been exporting for more than ten years. Customer satisfaction. We will also be committed to the research and development of stone mills, strive for perfection, and provide the best service to every customer!

Customer visit

Customer visitCustomer visitCustomer visit

Packing and shipping

Packing: We will pack it in standard wooden container

Delivery: Generally delivery within 15 days after the final payment is delivered. The delivery method is selected according to the customer's needs. Marine transportation is generally adopted.


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