Small Peanut Butter Making Machine

The use of advanced technology professional production equipment combined with traditional stone sesame oil, sesame paste, peanut butter stone. Fine grinding stone with sesame oil, long life advantages. and other advantages of stainless steel base as a whole package, beautiful, safe, and sanitary. Sesame, peanut butter taste pure, grind sesame oil is rich in nutritional value, promote appetite, help digestion, contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals, etc., can reduce the accumulation of body fat.

Product Details

small peanut butter making machine

small peanut butter making machine

Product Application

This product using natural sandstone, makes butter taste soft, and has higher nutritional value. It blends with modernity, and the natural grinding disc also cuts holes, bites with the lower plate, and is fixed in a shaft.

Low-speed grinding, low-temperature processing, nutrients are not damaged, stone mills and food crops are naturally rubbed. The minerals contained in stone mills are naturally mixed with the nutrients of food crops, blended into one, natural, natural, nutritious and healthy.

peanut butter grind raw materials

Stone Mill Advantage


Machining: High-temperature grinding of peanut butter destroys the natural aroma of peanut and even the smell of burnt.

Stone milled butter: original flavor, rich bean flavor, fresh taste.

2. Nutrition

Machining: When peanut butter is processed, the nutrition of soybean is seriously lost after several processes such as high-speed cutting, grinding and high temperature.

Stone milled peanut butter: preserves the vegetable protein, phospholipid, vitamin B1, B2, iron, calcium and other minerals , which is beneficial to human body absorption and health.

peanut butter product process

Main Features

1) Simple structure in stone mill ,easy in installation and maintenance . 
Stone mill working with low rotating speed,only 30-33 rpm/min, so the butter is not hot,the peanut nutrition, taste and mineral can be kept well, such as protein,VE,calcium,phosphorous, iron etc will not be broken.

3)Using the lastest motor and reducer.

small peanut butter making machine small peanut butter making machine 

Packing and Delievry

Different machines,the pagckage will be different,

We support wooden box package,If big machine or 

production line,it will be loaded in the container 


Around 15 days after receive the payment.we support delivery by ship. We can aslo deliver the machine to your agent in china if you have.

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