Peanut Butter Making Machine South Africa

The use of advanced technology professional production equipment combined with traditional stone sesame oil, sesame paste, peanut butter stone. Fine grinding stone with sesame oil, long life advantages. Sesame oil stone mechanical transmission part adopts [Yellow] differential, with transfer torque, long life and other advantages of stainless steel base as a whole package, beautiful, safe, and sanitary. Sesame, peanut butter taste pure, grind sesame oil is rich in nutritional value, promote appetite, help digestion, contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals, etc., can reduce the accumulation of body fat.

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peanut butter making machine south africa

 Product Description

Peanut Butter Making Machine South Africa

This stone grinding machine is a food processing machine for oily nut butter processed by our company,using for peanuts, sesame seeds and walnuts. We specialize in the selection of stone materials for stone grinding, using natural sandstone, non-toxic, harmless, radiation-free and mineral-rich. This stone grinding machine, with slow rotation speed and low temperature of peanut butter, will not damage the nutrients of peanuts, making the taste of peanut butter natural and clear.


Peanut Butter Making Machine South Africa

Specification of Peanut Butter Making Machine

stone diameter(CM)voltage(V)power(W)capacity(KG/H)
two sets a group 13.2220
four sets a group 24.2440
six sets a group 35.2660

Detailed Image

The latest type of reducermotor

peanut butter stone mill

Packing and Delievry

Peanut Butter Making Machine South Africa


1.Packaging Specification:

Wooden Packing as Export Standard.

2.Delivery time:

20 days after full payment.

3.About Shipping:

We can be responsible for the shipping,of course,we can also accept and cooperate with your agent if you have shipping forwarder in China.

our services

1.♦ after-sales protection

The machine is guaranteed for one year and lifetime maintenance; the stone is guaranteed for five years, and the non-human cause breaks within five years, free of charge for new ones.

Technical advisory services are available 24 hours a day;

2.♦ 24 hour response

We value every inquiry sent to us to ensure a fast competitive offer within 24 hours.

3.♦ Payment method

We accept a variety of payment methods, such as letters of credit, T / T, Western Union, Money Gram, Alibaba


1.♦What's the machine voltage or power of your machine?
Ans:Usually in our country voltage is 220v,50hz, single phase , or 380v, 50hz, 3 phase, if you have special requirement , pls tell us, we will vetify the voltage according to your requirement.

2.♦Ask:How to install the machine for us?
Ans:We can instuct the machine install by vedio, email ,picture, etc, and if for large project , we can also arrange our workers help you to install it in your country .

3.♦Ask: If we have problems when we use your machine, what should we do?

Ans: If you have any problems, just contact us, we will help you to solve, and if necesary, we will arrange our engineers to help you in your place.


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