Tiger Nut Milk Making Machine

As the emphasis on health has gradually increased, many families have chosen to make homemade stone nut milk for cleanliness. Nut milk has a very high nutritional value and is an ideal health food. According to experts, nut milk contains a variety of high-quality protein, multi-vitamins, a variety of essential amino acids and a variety of trace elements

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tiger nut milk making machine

Product Description

Our company skillfully combines ancient technology with modern elements to create a stone-driven motor.This product adopts sandstone manufacturing, the sandstone has the most suitable hardness and the best material for making stone mill, it has beautiful appearance and practical.

tiger nut milk making machine

Product Application

This machine applying to mill all kinds of Soybeanmilk,rice milk , almond milk ,tiger nut milk and other kind milk.

tiger nut milk making machine

stone product process

tiger nut milk machine product process

Technical Information

Diameter of stone(cm)Voltage(v)Power(w)Dry soybean capacity(kg|h)

Tiger nut mlIk stone grinding machine is a traditional Chinese characteristics crafts. Stone runnmg sIow.the milk have full natural release of nut protein and a variety of nutrients. The natural minerals in the stone and the tiger nut's nutrition mix together to make the milk more fragrant and delicious, more nutnitious. 

our services

1.For the single machine,we will provide proper model according to customers requirement.

2.For the non-standard equipments and production line,our engineer will design machine layout according to customer workshop and Product processing technology

3.We send engineers and technicians to customers' factory to install the machine and train the worker for the production line.

4.We can provide the machine parts all the time.

5.We will reply your inquiry and email within 24 hours.

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tiger nut milk making machine

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