Soybean Milk Stone Mill Grinder

The machine can process soybean, peanut ,almond,rice etc.the advantage of soybean milk stone millis Stone running slow. The soybean milk have full natural release of soy protein and a variety of nutrition. The natural minerals in the stone and the soybean’s nutrition mix together to make the soybean milk more fragrant and delicious,more nutrition.

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     Soybean Milk Stone Mill Grinder 

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our copany is a big group company which manages many factory affiliated.located in zhangqiu city, shandong province China.we mainly focus on manufacture and export : Food processing machinery ,like tahini stone mill, roti /tortilla/chapati production line and all kind of flange.
Our products are widely recognized and trusted by clients. Relying on "Competitive Price ,Superior Quality and Good Service", we have lots of long-cooperated customers and we pledge to do our best to serve every customer

 We will initiate the second phase of our development strategy .

Our company regards : reasonable price ,efficient production time and good after-sales seivice:

As our tenet ,we hope to cooperation with more customers for mutual development and benefits.

We welcome potential buyer to contact us .

We have  kept to the tenet of developing through quality ;creating first-class company and famous brand;customer foremost credit paramount .facing fierce market competition ,we have strrngthened quality management in an all-round way and kept improving quality of products,which has achieved a growing sales amount of our stone mill equipments and an excellent cooperation between customers and us .





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     about the production

1. Keep fit

Every 100 grams soya-bean milk contain protein 4.5 grams, adipose 1.8 grams, carbohydrate 1.5 grams, phosphor 4.5 grams, iron 2.5 grams, calcium 2.5 grams and vitamin, riboflavin to wait, have profit greatly to strengthening constitution.

2. Prevent diabetes

Soybean milk contains a lot of cellulose, can effectively prevent the excessive absorption of sugar, reduce sugar, thus can prevent diabetes, diabetes patients daily essential good food.

3. Prevent aging

Soya-bean milk contains selenium, vitamin E, C, have very big fight oxidation function, can make the cell of human body "rejuvenate", the effect is the biggest to brain cell especially.

Lower cholesterol

Soy milk contains soy protein and soy egg phosphorus that can reduce and excrete cholesterol, so it can make blood clear and maintain a good metabolic state

5. Cancer prevention and anti-cancer

Scientists have discovered that many types of beans have unique anti-cancer properties.The New York university medical center also found that eating more soy foods, such as peas and soya beans, helped reduce the risk of breast cancer.In the report on nutrition and cancer, it is suggested that soy products should be placed in an important position in the study of anti-cancer protective factors.


our service

1.Electric stone milling  machine

 2.Natural sandstone and stainless steel 

 3main parts:stone mill ,motor and reducer 

 4.process :sesameseeds,peanuts ,almond,walnut,pine nuts  etc

 5. Low working speed, low milling temperature,so nutrients are well kept 

 6.Fully automatic: one person to operate a machine with automatic feeding

 7.working life :20-30 years

Different machines,the pagckage will be different,We support wooden box package,If big machine or production line,it will be loaded in the container directly.

Around 20 days after receive the payment.we support delivery by ship. We can aslo deliver the machine to your agent in china if you have


   reated products




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