Tahini Grinder Machine

Our factory use advanced production equipment, technical expertise combined with traditional technology, we produce sesame oil, tahini stone mill, peanut butter stone mill/grinding machine. the stone is made of abrasion resistant nature of green sandstone, evengranular, clear texture. With fine grinding, high oil output, heat resisting, the butter does not change color, the stone has long life a

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  tahini grinder machine

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Our factory use advanced production equipment, technical expertise combined with traditional technology. We produce tahini stone mill, peanut butter stone mill /grinding machine, etc.


the stone wearing resisted ,it can work 24 hours continuously,the stone no radition, no harm to health and rich in minerals(we have stone test report ),the stone from other suppliers can not meet.we use latest type  reducer and good quality,there are vertical reducer and horizontal reducer . all parts of machine materials which contact food are stainless steel(bearing stainless steel), the tray thickness we use is 2.5mm, the hopper thickness is 1.5mm. And one side of the frame can be open, so you can check the motor and reducer at any time.my machine cross arm is stainless steel and covered by stainless steel(thickness 0.6mm).each model has different intermediate shaft, very durable.we have been in stone mill business nearly 40 years,the earliest factory for stone mill and now we are the biggest stone mill factory in china.


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1. This machine applying to mill all kinds of tahini oil , peanut butter ,Sesame oil , and other materials which contain oil .


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Diameter of stone  (cm)Voltage(v)Power(w)Capacity(kg|h)


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Wooden Case


Around 15 days after receive the payment




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